Explanation of Features

Disk Space
The amount of disk space allocated to you under your hosting plan. This amount is shared between all of your domains. Although each domain will share a portion of the disk space allocated to your plan, each domain will have its own private directory where its files will reside. You can increase your disk space or upgrade your hosting plan at any time.

Monthly Traffic
The amount of incoming and outgoing data transfers allocated to you under your hosting plan. This amount is shared between all of your domains. Data transfers occur when users access your website and download html pages, images and other files to their borwsers. Data transfers also include ftp transfers and email traffic.

Mailboxes (POP3/SMTP Accounts)
Each hosting plan comes with a certain number of mailboxes. Mailboxes are actual email accounts on our mailservers where you can receive your email and have an email address e.g. your_name@your_domain.com.

An email Forward redirects your email to an external email address. For example, mail addressed to your_name@your_domain.com could be forwarded to your_other_name@your_isp.com. An email alias redirects your email to another internal email address. For example, mail addressed to your_name@your_domain.com could be redirected to your_other_name@your_domain.com.

You can setup multiple forwards and aliases so that copies of the emails are sent to multiple addresses. Typical uses for aliases and forwards are to redirect copies of mail addressed to sales@your_domain.com or info@your_domain.com to one or more persons for handling.

Mail Lists
Mail lists allow you to send mail to multiple users. Useful for sending newsletters to your subcribers or creating forums where interest groups can share information.

Autoresponders generate automatic responses to the email they receive. Useful for automatically responding to information requests or email acknowledgements e.g. "We've recieved your email and will be getting back to you shortly".

Mail Domain Aliases
Allows you to map all email on a domain alias to your main domain. Email sent to addresses at your domain alias will be redirected to your master domain.

Web Email
Allows you to check and respond to your email using only a web browser. Very useful when traveling - just find an internet cafe and you can check your email.

Virus and Spam Filtering
Removes viruses from incoming email. Spam filter uses heuristic analysis, self-learning and internet blacklists to develop spam scores for incoming email. Users can adjust the threshold at which email will be considered spam and placed in a spam account for later review. Also allows users to create sender blacklists and whitelists.

FrontPage Extensions
Provided with Unix and Windows hosting accounts. Allows you to use Microsoft FrontPage to build and publish your site.

ASP is a scripting method on Windows websites used to provide dynamic content.

ASP.NET is Microsoft's new set of programming tools for producing dynamic, high-performance web applications.

PERL is a programming language commonly used on websites. Allows you to write or add your own cgi scripts written in Perl and execute them through your website.

CGI Mapping
Allows you to execute files as Perl/CGI scripts.

PHP is a scripting language commonly used to provide dynamic content to websites. Allows you to write or add your own PHP scripts.

Server Side Includes (SSI)
Allows you to create dynamic content for your pages. Such content can include the current date, the file's last modification date, and the size or last modification of other files. In its more advanced usage, it can provide a powerful interface to CGI scripts.

Redirect URL
Allows you to set your site (or a subfolder of your site) to point to a different website. Useful if you have multiple domains that need the same content displayed on each.

Server Side Image Maps
Allows you to create links to other URL's within images.

File Manager
WebShell4 allows you to copy, move, delete, and rename files and directories in your home directory and websites. You can use it to upload, download, compress and decompress files as well as preview them in the browser. Also, you can use it to password-protect any directory on your site so only authorized visitors can open its content with their browsers.

Mime Types
This utililty allows you to define file formats that are not defined in web browsers. This enables the browser to display or output files that are not in HTML format, just like it displays simple text files, .gif graphics files and PostScript files.

Directory Index
Allows you to set your own default "index" page. By default the server uses index.html as the "index" or "start" page of your website. With this feature you can set your own start page.

Allows you to use the SSL web server which allows you to send and receive encrypted data (such as credit card numbers) over the Internet. When the SSL server is used the padlock icon on a user's browser will be closed. In order to use SSL you will need to purchase an SSL certificate or share ours.

Shared SSL
Same as SSL, except you would be "sharing" our SSL certificate and not need to purchase a separate SSL certificate. The "SSL" portion of your site would be a Third Level Domain, i.e: https://yourdomain.broadweb.net.

Throttle Control
Allows you to throttle your traffic. Throttle module is used to reduce the bandwidth used by your website by delaying or refusing requests to your sites.

Site Studio
A tool to create websites without knowing web design principles or programming languages. Completely browser based, so no installation of separate software is required.

Custom Error Pages
Allows you to customize the pages generated when standard error messages come from the web server.

FTP Sub Accounts
Allows you to create additional FTP logins and passwords so your associates or clients can access specific directories or websites without the need to create a virtual FTP server and have a dedicated IP.

Virtual FTP
Allows you to give FTP access to more than one of your directories, specify a different set of permissions for each directory, etc.

Anonymous FTP
Allows you to let anybody else download, upload or view files in the dedicated directories of your website.

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, recognized for its speed and reliability.

PGSQL is the world's most advanced open source database.

Microsoft's proprietary industrial strength database system.

Microsoft's easy-to-use low volume database system.

Allows Windows websites to communicate with Mysql, MS-SQL and MS-Access databases using DSN's.

Dedicated IP Address
Most websites are hosted on a shared IP address. A dedicated IP address would give your site its own unique IP address.

Each hosting plan specifies the number of domains you can host. You can add additional domains to any hosting plan for an additional monthly fee.

A subdomain is of the form subdomain.yourdomain.com.

Third Level Domains
A third level domain is a subdomain based on our name. For example: subdomain.broadweb.net or subdomain.broadweb.net.

Parked Domains
A parked domain allows you to store your domain in your account without the need for hosting or email functionality.

Domain Aliases
A domain alias is a domain name that points to the same website as the mail domain name. Thus the website is accessible under both domain names.

Raw Log
Access is provided to all website logging information including data transfer, browser and referrer information.

Error Log
The Error Log stores data about errors generated by the server (e.g. Page Not Found error) or by your CGI scripts. Helpful in debugging CGI script errors.

Webalizer Statistics
Webalizer is a graphical statistics tool which analyzes the transfer log and generates readable HTTP transfer reports.

ModLogan Statistics
Modlogan is another grapical statistics tool which analyzes the transfer log and generates readable HTTP transfer reports. Modlogan is similar to Webalizer, but it also supports FTP, RealAudio and other protocols.

Awstats Statistics
Awstats a grapical statistics tool. Considered superior to Webalizer.

PhpBB is a fully scalable and a customizable bulletin board package with a user-friendly interface, a simple administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Requires PHP and MySQL. Just push a button and it's installed and configured.

A simple search engine you can add to search your own site. Requires MySQL as well.

A program used to edit the content and manage MySQL databases.

Pre-Installed Scripts
Guest book, formmail and counter scripts pre-installed and ready to go.

EasyApp (Fantastico-like) Collection of Self-Configuring Scripts
All Unix plans include access to 27 popular PHP/MySQL scripts (blogs, shopping carts, content managers, photo galleries, wiki's, portal systems, forums, etc.) See support section for my information.

Hsphere Control Panel
Control Panel which you use to administrate all aspects of your website: email, ftp, disk usage, etc.

Custom DNS
You can create your own custom DNS records, directly from within the Hsphere control panel.

Allows you to schedule the execution of your Unix Perl and shell scripts automatically, directly from within the Hsphere control panel.