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WP ReNum Documentation

WP ReNum is a very simple system utility that allows you to change your next order number.

While simple, it is also quite rich in features that make it superior to other modules that provide the same functionality.

Noteworthy extra features:
  • Sanity check -
    Prevents changing the order number unless the store is in maintenance mode.
  • Deletes baskets -
    All shopping baskets are deleted prior to making the order number change to prevent existing shoppers having an order number assigned that is lower than the new starting number set.
  • Backs up affected database -
    The storekeys.dbf module is backed up prior to the module making any changes in case you need to revert back.
  • Packs Domain Databases -
    Automatically packs all domain databases to ensure indexes are synchronized correctly after order number change.

Installing WP ReNum

  1. Unzip the .zip file downloaded from
  2. Login to your store admin.
  3. Expand the tab next to Modules.
  4. Click on Add Module.
  5. Click on the upload button
  6. Browse to the file wprenum.mvc and select it. Click on Open, then update.
  7. The module is now installed.

Activating & Licensing

  1. Navigate to Stores -> Your Storename -> Utilities and click on the Utilities link.
  2. In the right hand pane, check the box next to WP Order ReNum then click update.
  3. WP Order ReNum will appear as a tab on the right page.
  4. Click on the WP Order ReNum link.
  5. Enter your license key as indicated in the email from and click update.
The module is now ready for use.

Using WP ReNum

Put your store in maintenance mode, then navigate to the Utilities section under your store.
Expand the Utilities drop down and click on WP Order ReNum.

Enter a number greater than the current order number shown, and click on "Change Starting Number".

Do not forget to put the store back online after changing the numbers!

If you need further assistance, please open a ticket with our helpdesk:

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