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General Information

Wolfpaw has developed a series of programs and procedures to migrate shopping carts between MivaMerchant and ZenCart. This will convert MivaMerchant v4, 5.5 or 9.x stores to ZenCart 1.5.5 or the reverse at a very reasonable cost.

The conversions to ZenCart includes an attractive responisve design template and installation of UPS and USPS shipping and Authorize.net, Paypal and manual credit card payment modules.

If you have questions or would like more information on ZenCart or Miva Merchant migration process please contact sales@wpcomp.com or call us at (972) 219-6899.

Sample Conversions

The following websites are examples of the conversion process. You may wish to examine the conversion of categories, products, prices, attributes, options and attribute/option pricing. Look and feel design elements are not migrated but use of standard design templates and skins produce a migrated store that can be put into production with little additional work. Since both MivaMerchant and ZenCart use CSS based templates/skins the design can be improved later on.

Adamjets - MivaMerchant v5.5 converted to ZenCart

Seaspecs - Miva 5.5 converted to ZenCart

Oade Audio - Miva 9.5 converted to ZenCart

4 Ever In My Heart - Miva 9.5 converted to ZenCart

Legend Mining Supplies - Miva 9.5 converted to ZenCart

Magnetic Beads - MivaMerchant v4 converted to ZenCart



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