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  Cart Migration - MivaMerchant v4, v5.5 to/from Zen Cart v1.5

  Miva Merchant v4, v5.5 Database Repair - MivaSQL to MySQL Upgrade

  Miva Merchant Module Installation

  Miva Merchant Store Upgrades

  Miva Merchant Troubleshooting and Repair

  Custom Module Programming and Development

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  Miva Merchant v4, v5.5 Database Repair - MivaSQL to MySQL Upgrades

The Miva database runs your store and database corruption is the number one cause of shopping cart errors and problems. Downtime costs real money and our techs are available 24x7 to help. We can repair your corrupt database and get your store back online and accepting orders ASAP. Call us toll-free right now: 866-WOLFPAW (866-965-3729).

Afraid to perform normal database maintenance like compacting databases and expiring shopping baskets? These maintenance tasks are vital to the integrity of your store's database but many store owners avoid or forget these jobs. Let Wolfpaw handle them for you. Contact Wolfpaw now and sign up for our database maintenance program. For a very reasonable fee our techs will repair databases problems and compact your databases and expire used shopping baskets on a weekly or monthly basis. Why wait until your store is broken - call us and sign up for Wolfpaw's database maintenance program NOW!

If you have a Miva 5.5 store with a MivaSQL database and would like the speed and reliability of the MySQL database system we have the solution for you. Let our techs convert your store's MivaDB database to MySQL. The process is done at night and only takes a few hours. Call us for a free quote or for more information.

  Miva Merchant Module Installation

Miva store owners can select from hundred's of modules that add everything from coupons to mini-baskets to the shopping experience. But installing modules can be tricky and conflicts can occur. Talk to Wolfpaw. Our experts can advise you on which modules to choose and for a small charge handle the install for you.

  Miva Merchant Store Upgrades

Want to upgrade your store to the new version 5.5? Whether you want a full blown v4 to v5.5 upgrade with all design features and functionality intact or just a basic upgrade of the products and categories our techs can do the job. We've upgraded dozens of stores and can provide you with an upgrade plan that meets your budget. Talk to Wolfpaw now.

  Miva Merchant Troubleshooting and Repair

Store acting strange? Customers complaining about error messages? Call us right now and let our experts troubleshoot your store and advise you on repairs.

  Miva Merchant Custom Module Programming and Development
We write Miva modules. If you have a need for functionality that doesn't currently exist or can't be provided with existing modules give us a call. Discuss your requirements with our experts and let us send you a quote. Talk to Wolfpaw now.



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