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 • Miva Merchant Modules •

Wolfpaw Hosting LLC has been a Miva Merchant Development partner since 1999 specializing in general and custom modules for all Miva versions. If you need Miva Merchant to perform a specific function or integrate with an in-house system please contact us with your requirements and we'll provide a quote for a custom module.

Listed below are the modules currently for sale. These modules are available for purchase at apps.miva.com (MivaCentral). 

  Wolfpaw Fraud Screening and Detection - New Version 9.501

New Features in Version 9.501

IP whitelisting - top asked-for feature. Take manual orders without triggering the module, damaging your IP's reputation or wasting MaxMind queries. Allows you to list IP addresses and networks to be whitelisted. Orders from whitelisted IPs will not trigger a fraud check.

Extracts customer IP from http headers - Allows the module to obtain the customer's IP address and check for fraud even when the website is behind a proxy, content delivery network (CDN), load balancer, or translation server (e.g. Global Nimbus).

Component/Item module version - we've included a second version of the module that installs as a component/item that you can add to any page where the customer's shipping and billing address is known. Designed for use with one-page checkouts or heavily modified stores where the system extension module fires too often or not at all.

Uses Miva's global mailing configuration - uses your global mailing configuration for emailing merchant notifications.

Country blocking - uses the settings in your MaxMind account to allow or deny orders from any number of countries.

Integrates MaxMind's (the makers of the GeoIP® location database) minFraud fraud screening and detection system with Miva Merchant. The minFraud service examines online transactions from various angles and applies extensive fraud screening checks centered around IP geolocation, proxy detection, and reputation data. By leveraging non-personally identifiable data from thousands of merchants and comprehensive analysis, MaxMind's minFraud system is able to identify traits and patterns associated with fraudulent orders.

This module will help stop credit card testing and fraudulent orders. It can save you money on authorization fees, improve your merchant decline ratio, refund ratio and chargebacks - and may qualify you for lower credit card fees. The module sends merchants a fraud analysis email for each potential order or for only those exceed that exceed a preset risk score. If desired, the module can also reject orders that exceed a preset risk score before the order reaches the payment gateway.

Fraud screening includes analysis of numerous factors including the geographical distance between the location of the customer's browser to the claimed billing city, state and country; high risk IP address analysis; location of customer's telephone number and postal code; free and high-risk email address analysis; open proxy detection; shipping remailer detection, and more.

* The earlier v5 version of this module will not work in stores upgraded to Miva 9. Licensed Miva 5.5 module owners can download a free copy of the earlier version patched to work with Miva 9.x. Instructions: Unzip the archive, locate the module in Admin --> Modules --> Edit, switch to Files tab and upload/overwrite the new '.mvc' file. Then click on Update. This can be done before you convert to Miva 9 or after. The patched module is provided in winzip format here.

For Miva v5.x, v9.x
Price: $99.95

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Antifraud module support - antifraud@wpcomp.com

  WP Renumber

WP Renumber is a very simple system utility that allows you to change or reset your next order number.

Versions: MM 4.14+ only
MivaCentral Price: $24.95

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 WP Buy A Get B

WP Buy A Get B is a Fulfillment Module that allows you to offer a selected product free when a customer makes a qualifying purchase. Qualified purchase can be by product, multiple products, category, or basket subtotal. This module can add one of the selected free item to the customer's checkout for each multiple of the minimum quantity purchased. For instance, buy 2, get item B for free - would add one of product B for every 2 qualifying items the customer adds to the basket. Buy 4, customer would get 2 of item B for free, etc. Multiple free items are not offered if configured to use Basket Subtotal method.

Versions: MM 4.14+ only
Price: $69.95

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