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• Support Center - Customizing the Hosting Control Panel •

General Information

Wolfpaw has designed its Hosting Control Panel so that it can be easily customized with your own banner, background and name and offered from your website. When these instructions are properly followed Wolfpaw will be totally transparent and our name will not appear on any of the screens or URL's. The customized hosting control panel will operate identically to version located at http://wpcomp.com/hosting_control_panel.html. If you wish you can copy the text from that page.

Setup Instructions

    The following are instructions for customizing the 'Hosting Control Panel'. Note that you must have a web site for your hosting business on Wolfpaw's servers:

  • Create a directory in your web site called 'Images'.
  • Create or select a background image, call the file 'BackGround.gif' and upload it to the Images directory
  • Create a banner image, call the file 'Banner-control_panel.gif' and upload it to the Images directory
  • Create a html form page similar to our hosting_control_panel.html page with the following form input fields:

    <input type="text"name="DomainName" Size="25">
    <input type="text"name="LoginName" Size="25">
    <input type="text"name="Password" Size="25">

  • Your form page should use the following FORM ACTION command:

    <FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/ctlpanel/ctlpanel.2.pl" METHOD="POST" ENCTYPE="application/x-www-form-urlencoded">

  • Add the following hidden form elements to specify your web site's domain name, the URL of the directory that holds your banner and background images and the URL that users should be sent when they are finished using the hosting control panel:

    <input type="hidden"name="Reseller" value="yourdomain.com">
    <input type="hidden"name="ResellerImageURL" value="http://yourdomain.com/Images">
    <input type="hidden"name="ReturnURL" value="http://yourdomain.com">

    in each case substitute the name of your domain for 'yourdomain.com'.

  • Add a submit form element as follows:

    <input type="submit"name="Submit" value="To Control Panel">

Usage Instructions

After you have created the html form page as specified above upload it to your web site. Your clients can use the control panel by typing their domain name, login name and password on the form page and pressing the submit button. The series of cgi programs will verify their login name and password and take them to the hosting control panel.


  • Make sure you've created a directory with the name 'Images' in your main website directory.
  • Make sure the permissions for your 'Images' directory are set at 755.
  • Make sure you have included all the form elements shown above and that your form action command is exactly the same as listed above.



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